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Whereas both children homes at Pokhara and the village of Shyauli Bazaar with its first aid station and Bindeshwori school supported by us where not heavily damaged by the big earthquake some years ago, the whole country of Nepal now is struggeling to survive because of Corona.Totally depending on tourism, the second and very rigid lockdown is paralysing actually all activities. There are no tourists, no landings of planes with visitors. No income for Nepalese people. Even most of them working in the Emirates or India are back in the country (some of them with Corona). The sanitary system itself is in desparate condition.

The schools northeast of Kathmandu could be rebuild again, but are still lacking of most facilities. Here, we try to help wherever it is possible.
In addition, Nepal is hit by continuous natural desasters caused by heavy rainfalls. Flooding and land slides affecting mostly the poorest people. Also in such direction we try to help by organising disaster relieve tours distributing the basics to survive. We only can do this because of our existing contacts and network established during many years. 
Your donations enable us to provide such support for which we would like to thank you also in the name of the beneficiaries.

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