Post Pandemic

Although the days of lockdowns and high infection rates are fortunately over, the people of Nepal still find it difficult to get back to everyday life before the pandemic.
Tourism, on which Nepal depends so heavily, still is not booming. In addition, the effects of an economic crisis with high inflation and unemployment are hitting the country hard. Many people from the poorer classes are forced to leave their families to find work in one of the richer Arab countries.
The weakest in society suffer most from this situation, especially children and the poor rural population.
This is where we try to focus with our foundation. By arranging long-term sponsorships, the education and living costs of the children we support can be permanently secured. Many positive examples of successful school leavers and graduates show us how valuable this investment in education is.
Through the Rainbow Children Home's own farm project regularily supported by us with vegetable cultivation and animal breeding, healthy and fresh food is available. As the handicraft project such farming also offers an additional source of income for the children home.
Participating in disaster aid for remote areas, we can at least partially contribute to ease the suffering of people.